18-month Checkup

I was slightly nervous about Stephen’s 18-month wellness checkup because he’s still not saying much. Also, I think this was the first time that Stephen actually remembered the doctor’s office. He was a little nervous/quiet in the lobby. We were called back almost immediately, though, and I quickly recognized my favorite nurse (chubby girl with emo glasses).

In short, the doctor was worrying me for nothing. I’ll paraphrase what he said “It seems to me that Stephen is saying 2 or 3 words right now. Considering the fact that he knows his body parts and clearly understands a lot of speech, he’s right on track. Even if I was concerned about his speech (which I am not), I couldn’t recommend speech therapy until he was two years old.”

Immediately after the doctor’s appointment, Stephen began using many more sounds. Right on cue, right? He can suddenly say “hot” (minus the t) and imitate many sounds (like a “j” sound, “g” sound, “k” sound).

Another great result of this doctor’s appointment: Stephen doesn’t need any more shots until kindergarten. He’s all vaccinated.

This is the last time I’m going to post his stats because they are less and less relevant with every visit. In a three-month period, he supposedly jumped from the 40th percentile to the 90th percentile in height. In the real world, that’s probably not possible. The doctor said the measurement was probably to blame (since they didn’t measure him while he was standing upright).

Age: 18months
Height: 34″
Weight: 24lbs, 3.5oz

Related charts, graphs, etc.

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