Remember last year when I made a post about Zenyatta and the Breeders’ Cup Classic? This was the come-from-behind victory that had me screaming and my five month old crying as a result. Before the race, everyone thought her owners were crazy for racing her in the main race instead of the Ladies’ Classic. Well, this horse was considered slightly “over the hill” a year ago, but she’s continued racing and she is still undefeated. 19-0 heading into the Breeders’ Cup Classic this weekend (the wiki page is inaccurate, as it still says 14-0). If she wins the Breeders Cup two years in a row and goes to 20-0, she will easily be one of the top 5 race horses of all time.

I am so excited for this! I love it when there is a good mare or filly. Horse racing is the ultimate hurry up and wait event, but for some reason I don’t mind the pomp and circumstance. I just leave it on the tv for hours leading up to the race.

For more information on what is probably the premier horse racing event worldwide (November 5&6, 2010), one may visit the official website.

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  1. Steve

    They did a segment on her on 60 Minutes last week – quite a horse, and great for racing!

  2. Evan

    man.. i am a few weeks behind on 60 minutes. it sucks when they do current even stuff like that and you watch it two months later!

  3. Steve

    lets go to the track sometime.

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