Stephen and Car Stuff

Stephen is to the age where all of his outfits are adorable. He wears real shirts and real pants with functional pockets, zipper, and snaps instead of a button. His shoes actually lace up and tie. He wears a real pullover if it’s chilly out. Now all of his clothes are miniaturized adult clothing and it’s so cute every time.

He can go up and down the stairs efficiently now, and he does so whenever he pleases. If he wants to go into the basement, he just goes downstairs. Simple as that. Yesterday I just followed him around the house all morning as he went into every bathroom and slammed the door in my face, laughing all the while. Then when I would open the door, he would bolt out and head across the house with a big laugh.

Jaime’s car was acting up this morning before she left, so I told her to take my car to work. It’s almost… refusing to put gas in the engine when you hit the pedal. It was like it wouldn’t get in gear, but it was definitely switching gears without any issue and moving on its own. The only thing I can think of is a clog in the fuel injector, so I’m going to take it out and give it a LOT of gas when the weather warms up. We actually have an appointment (for an oil change) for this car tomorrow morning. It’s going to be more interesting than an oil change, for sure.

Isn’t this why we bought a new car off the lot (~250mi on the odometer)? What is going on here? Bloody hell..

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