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A few months ago, Jaime won four tickets (face value of $380) to see Hair at the Kennedy Center. Musicals are not my thing, and I didn’t have the faintest idea regarding the premise of Hair, but it’s fun to put on a tie and go out to dinner and a show. We went with C&C (newlyweds) and it was a good double date.

I honestly didn’t have a clue about Hair. I thought it was something from the 80’s (getting it confused with Hairspray?). I had no idea that it is a controversial product of the counter-culture and it premiered on Broadway in 1968 when all of the topics were current. Instead of an orchestra, there was a more traditional rock band. Electric guitar, electric bass, american drum set, percussionist, keyboardist, and a brass section of four people. The band was on stage for the entire show, sort of elevated above the set. The set… hmm.. it is safe to say that this musical has no real set and a vague plot that takes two hours to develop (a large portion of the second act was the drug-induced hallucinations of the protagonist, for instance). It’s mostly just a bunch of hippies dancing around and singing songs about having multiple sexual partners. My main problem was that there was usually 10+ people singing and I couldn’t understand anything they were saying. Also, a lot of the elements that were risqué in 1968 are just kind of cheeky and cute nowadays. For instance, one of the main themes involves males with long hair. In my opinion, that has been a dead issue for a long time. Some guys have long hair, some don’t. No one really cares anymore. It has come in and out of fashion several times in the past 50 years. There was lots of stuff like that.

I looked a lot of places, but I couldn’t find a version of this that sounded as good as the one we saw live. We had a great cast, apparently. Let the Sunshine In. The ultimate refrain. Cool vocal harmonies. One of the catchiest tunes ever. Again, I had no idea this song was from Hair. The song is famous in its own right and is used in other movies and even some commercials. At the end they invited tons of people up on stage for the reprise. It was funny. There were a lot of excited 60-somethings strutting their stuff on stage. The whole thing had an atmosphere closer to that of a concert. I feel like it was maybe the most informal thing that has ever played at the Opera House, hehe.

Yesterday, we went to Home Depot and picked out some potential flooring for the basement. I liked the stuff we were looking at, but it would come to $1200-1500 after installation. So, we have something to think about. First we have to do the ceiling.

Stephen was really good this morning. It’s been over a week since I could say that. It’s amazing how teething ravishes a baby’s body sometimes. Diarrhea, pain, diaper rash, drooling, fever, loss of appetite, odd sleep patterns. When he opens his mouth, it looks like he has a full set of teeth except for canines. I haven’t tried to count them in a while because he uses his teeth primarily as weapons.

Stephen needs only the slightest excuse to get as angry as possible. I don’t even understand. It’s as obnoxious as you can possibly get, with some violence thrown in for good measure. If you do or say one thing that he doesn’t like, he either spits his food onto the floor, knocks everything off the coffee table, or tries to inflict damage on us or our computers. My wife can attest to the fact that this happens at least 100 times a day. You know he is trying to intentionally anger you or hurt you. It’s hard to stay calm and be the adult in that situation. He is doing everything he can to bring you down to his level of kicking and spitting and biting.

He is really good at walking in all different situations now. To go out to the car, I just hold his hand and he plops down the front steps with me. When we get to the car, I just barely lift him up into the back seat and he crawls into his car seat all by himself and waits to be strapped in. It’s so much easier! Also, he can go get his own shoes, socks, and jacket and bring them back when we’re all getting dressed and ready to leave. Then he calmly sits in my lap while we put everything on.

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