Bulk Trash Indeed

We get trash service twice a week here, and every Tuesday is also “bulk trash day.” It’s great. In the past two weeks, I have put out a couch, an old water heater, and a weight machine. They took all of it no problem.

This is the beginning of a major clean-up and home improvement project. We are converting the last bedroom (now the guest room) into Baby #2’s nursery. We are going with an old airplane theme. We are going to clean up one half of the basement and put in a ceiling and floor. Then we can make that area our guest room and also a play area. It is a large space that is mostly for junk now.

I’ve been walking the dogs earlier in the evening, closer to the warmer part of the day. The problem with this new schedule is that I can’t watch Word Girl. Word Girl is a really good show on PBS. Many of the shows they play in the morning are for 2-4 year olds (the most famous being Sesame Street), but this show is more like a regular kids show for ages 6-12. It’s way over Stephen’s head and he just ignores it, but I watch it for myself.

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  1. Martha

    Love Word Girl! We watched an episode of that a couple of months ago (a Halloween ep) and I thought it was pretty clever.

  2. Evan

    yes, clever is the word.

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