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The human characters (Luis, Maria, Chris, Gordon, etc.) on Sesame Street seem like the nicest, coolest people on earth. I want to hang out with them and have milk and cookies.

Stephen is trying to reverse the routine. He throws a fit when we try to feed him his meals. I can picture him saying “but my snacks taste so much better!” Well, needless to say, I am quite sick of this. I’m not feeding him any snacks this morning, and my third attempt to give him “breakfast” was a complete failure. So, it looks like I’m going to try to put him down for a nap without him having eaten anything this morning. I’m prepared to deal with the ramifications (short nap, no nap, whatever).

I’m in an anti-TV mode again. I’m quite displeased that everything is back on, all at once. There is nothing truly worth watching except Sesame Street. The first Dexter this season was awful. The writers were just scrambling like Oh no! What have we done?!? We’ve killed off half the main characters and there’s no show left. I’m so sick of that show hitting the reset button every season. HBO has a new show about organized crime in New Jersey. Really? “Hey guys, remember the Sopranos? That was good, right?” I have found that I only like reality contest shows for the first half of the season. This includes The Amazing Race and Hell’s Kitchen. Once it starts getting down to the nitty gritty and you have to listen to the same annoying group of whiners, I lose interest.

Edit: Fourth time’s a charm, apparently. He just ate a decent breakfast. Nap time!

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