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With the exception of yesterday’s daddy-induced meltdown, Stephen has been really well-behaved for four or five days straight. We’ve gone lots of places with him and he has been a lot of fun. Once he got used to the fact that he was going to get fewer snacks, he’s been eating pretty well, too. Last night he had some corn, a whole turkey meatball, and some of Sherry’s homemade applesauce. He ate it all, even stabbing some of it by himself with a fork.

I’d say he has 14 teeth. I just tried to count and I know he has at least 12, but he doesn’t really make it easy for one to inspect inside his mouth. He has some molars that are almost in and he’s already learning to use them. He throws a lot of food on the floor though, just for entertainment. That’s annoying and hard to stop.

He’s starting to understand some basic games like playing tug-of-war with the dogs and playing chase. He is so close to running; it’s kind of funny. His walk is still stiff but it’s in fast motion. If I crawl as fast as I can, I can still catch him when he’s “running.” That won’t last much longer. He always wants to navigate the hill behind our house without any assistance. It’s steep in parts and quite uneven. There have been more than a couple of spills in the grass back there. Another great thing.. he’s starting to learn the “game” of putting things away. He can put his toys on the shelf and throw things in the basket. On Sunday he started putting leaves–one by one–in a paper bag at the Youngs’ house.

We’ve gotten through this long rough patch, and I have my sweet boy back–for now at least.

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