Fatty Chloe

I live in fear when the grounds maintenance guys come through here. Stephen is asleep and there are mowers, blowers, edgers, and guys yelling to each other over the noise. He sleeps through it every time though. Today it was the lawnmowers, the recycle truck, and someone knocking on the door. When someone knocks on my front door during Stephen’s nap, I want to kill them. Murder crosses my mind for just an instant until I snap out of it. Davis barks uncontrollably no matter how much I yell at him.

Today it was my veterinarian. We use a mobile vet clinic for the dogs. Today, she showed up at 11:30 for our appointment. So, when I went to the front door to check who was knocking, I saw the big mobile vet bus out front. I had completely forgotten about the appointment, but it doesn’t matter when the vet comes to you. Just grab the leashes and take the dogs out one at a time.

Normally there is nothing notable in a visit from the veterinarian, but when Chloe stepped on that scale… my goodness. Between August 2009 and October 2010, Chloe went from 49 pounds to 63 pounds. That’s over a 22% weight gain! That’s like a 200lb man gaining 45 pounds in one year. Ouch. Chloe was holding steady at 49, but she has been enjoying the baby’s snacks for quite some time now. I don’t know who enjoys it more, Chloe or Stephen. Stephen loves to give Chloe food, and she loves to take it (of course). So, now I have to go about trying to feed my food-obsessed dog less. Sigh.

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