Fall Weekend

We figured out what some of the problem was with Stephen’s eating. He’s sort of in an in-between stage with switching to adult food. He doesn’t want any baby food at all, but he doesn’t like very much adult food yet. Saturday morning, I gave him a) scrambled eggs w/ cheese, b) canned green beans, c) freeze-dried apples, and d) two tiny pieces of baby cookie. He ate the apples and green beans immediately, but he hates the eggs. Now the Gerber baby food is sort of used for deficit maintenance.

My being firm and not feeding him many snacks finally paid off today. He ate a lot of food. His Nana fed him nearly a whole toddler meal (microwavable meal with turkey, mashed potatoes, and carrots).

We went over to my in-laws’ house and watched the Redskins pull out another inexplicable victory over a good team. This is getting strange.

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