Back from Colorado and checking out some good pictures. Still trying to wind down from a long day of travel.

The plan for today was to make Stephen so tired that he had to sleep on the plane. It worked, but only after it backfired for about an hour. He was beyond tired, completely manic and delirious. My wife and I passed him back and forth for a long time, taking turns singing to him and doing whatever we could to calm him down without stimulating him. He screamed bloody murder a few times before he finally passed out sitting on my lap, facing me. He slept for a full hour which seemed like an eternity considering I was unable to move for fear of waking him.

I do not travel well. This includes the flight itself and also the “being away from home” part. I don’t know what it is. I have a very laid back personality but I am physically high-strung. Very high-strung. (When I played soccer in high school, the coach would let me stretch longer than everyone because he knew my calves would cramp up at the drop of a hat. This resulted in me skipping the first half-mile of running, which made everyone on the team hate me). So when I travel and am out of the routine, I have difficulty sleeping and I lose my appetite. I try to ignore it and be a trooper. I figure that there’s nothing that I can do anyway. As soon as we got home, I ate like a fat cow.

After all of the ordeals today, we made it onto a shuttle towards the Economy parking lot. Jaime said “we made it, babe.” Little did we know. Our car needed a jump. Battery was completely dead. We were out of milk for Stephen, so it could have been a very bad situation. Fortunately there is a free service for idiots like me, and the guy arrived within three minutes of our calling. I tipped him ten bucks. Then we had to pay fifty bucks to the machine as we drove out of the parking lot.

Hopefully I’ll have more to say about the trip, but it’s much more likely that I’ll just post pictures and expect you to understand the context.

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