Vacation Synopsis

What a week. There are a lot of things in this house, and I have done a little bit of everything. Swimming pool, kayaks, beach, hot tub, billiards. We have gone out to the beach a couple times (that’s enough to get my fill for the next decade). We had a forecast of rain every day this week, and it only ended up raining twice. After the rain, the mosquitoes and gnats came out in full force. Yesterday we went swimming at 10:30pm and our heads were surrounded by a swarm of bugs every time we popped out of the water. That swim was short-lived.

Other notable things from this week:

  • Stephen pooped in the bath tub… twice
  • I am still not into taking photos, apparently. Today I have to force myself to make up for lost time
  • We went to Food Lion more than once a day on average
  • The bugs here are horrendous
  • The wireless router in this house is not password-protected, and everyone in the neighborhood uses it. Sloooow
  • I love to come in second place in Yahtzee
  • Parcheesi is a horrible game of back-stabbing and betrayal. Don’t play it unless you want a divorce
  • Homemade ice cream sundaes are a great idea, any day of the week
  • I really, really like swimming pools. The ocean? Not so much

More later? Who am I kidding?

Edit: I now realize that this sounds like a negative post. That was not my intent. I had a great time.

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  1. Steve

    I’ve read this a few times because the Parcheesi comment makes me laugh my ass off every time.

  2. martha

    hahaha … steve, same here with me and e!

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