Stephen on the Mend

Apparently any [and every] symptom can be attributed to teething, but no one really knows why. The diaper rash has just about cleared up. No fever, no frequent diarrhea, much less druel.

Stephen suddenly loves books. He comes stumbling over to me with a huge book in his hand several times a day. He sits in my lap, still and calm. After I read all five cardboard pages, he turns it back to the beginning. I’ve also been trying to get Stephen addicted to a movie before we go on vacation. It appears that he will not reach that critical age (of sitting still for a movie) before we leave for the beach house. Oh well.

He’s getting slightly better at switching from “dada” to “mama” on command, and he has developed a certain word for the kitty cat. He says da-DAAAA with the second syllable being a high-pitch shriek (like a cat’s meow). A few minutes ago, he walked over to the pet food cabinet, pulled out a can of cat food and said da-DAAAA.

I haven’t touched my camera in weeks. I guess I’m in a lull before I go crazy with it on vacation.

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