Poor Kiddo

Stephen has a bunch of teeth coming in (several have broken through), and I’m not sure what can be attributed to teething. He has:

Runny nose
Diaper rash (first time ever)

He is also eating less, drinking less, and sleeping less. The last two days have been hideous. He has been completely pissed off both days, which usually causes him to do something rash and injure himself. The diaper rash didn’t show up until he pooped five times yesterday and last night. I was up for two hours last night with him.

Edit: Well, he’s super dehydrated and in rough shape. I left a bottle full of water in his crib when I laid him down for a nap. I can’t effectively comfort him because I have some spreading rash all over my forearms and his diaper rash irritates him when I’m holding him.

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