Even the best laid plans..

One of the [many] abandoned homes in my neighborhood just had a buyer. It’s the townhouse next to me that has been unoccupied for about six months. It’s an investment property for the new owner, and he is just doing repairs in an attempt to rent it out. I have befriended the owner. In an act of pity, he lent me his pressure washer. I cleaned the back of the hosue, and was going to do the front on Saturday, but the guy came back to collect his pressure washer on Friday night. That was just the first of my plans to be thwarted this weekend.

Saturday night we were supposed to attend a drive in movie with Martha & Eric. We arrived at the prescribed location (we were even on time) to find that most of the viewing area was roped off and cars were not permitted to park there. Most people brought lawn chairs and set them up in the parking lot. We did not have anything like this, as we were planning to watch the movie from our car. We basically just walked around for ten minutes and left. Stephen walked very far without ever putting his hands down or stopping to rest. Maybe 1/8 of a mile to the snow cone stand and the same distance back to the car. We instead came home and watched Frost Gaint, which was everything we’d hoped.

Yesterday was the Men’s final for the Legg Mason Tennis Classic in DC. I had two tickets that I got for my birthday from S&S, and the tickets said 12 noon. We didn’t bother to check the details until yesterday morning, when we found out that the doubles final was at noon, and the singles final was “no earlier than 3pm,” depending on how long the doubles match went. So we changed our babysitting plans and planned to get to the stadium at 3pm. After the world’s longest drive-though line at McDonald’s, we ended up getting to our seats about about 3:20pm, but the match started ten minutes late so we only missed the first two games. Turned out to be a complete trouncing, with the no-name, often-injured underdog winning in straight sets.

It was hotter than hell and there we no clouds. Being up in those bleachers makes you feel like you’re right next to the sun. There are some aspects that are more impressive when you watch live, but I think I’m done with witnessing live sports. It’s too much of a gamble regarding the weather, traffic, and the players. This year, two nobodies made it to the finals; there was no way to predict that when the tickets were purchased more than three months ago.

We did manage to go grocery shopping on Saturday.

Tonight is the first of our “band practices.” If all goes well, Fat Man After Dark is going to do an audio interview with my band on Thursday. More on that later, hopefully.

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  1. steve

    I saw part of Frost Giant saturday night!

    I’ll be leaving here in a few hours. Had to wash my shorts…more on that later.

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