Sandwich in the Sky (almost finished)

sandwich in the sky (unfinished3) by evanvale

Song info pasted from site…

song still needs:

re-record vocals at beginning (with real lyrics)
[maybe] another simple beat to go over the top

Okay, I think I am finally done working on it for now. That is to say, until the next time Steve comes over here. I added a fake chorus of my own voice at the end and made endless mixing adjustments. Making music this way can be maddening. You spend the first day making loops and getting all the components to meld smoothly, and then you spend three more days making minute adjustments to seemingly insignificant settings on all your sounds and effects.

This song is just a few loops

    1 short ukulele loop
    1 short piano loop (to match)
    5 piano samples (low piano)
    1 drum loop
    2 voice loops (for refrain during last half of song)

It really is that simple. Even the high piano stuff is the same piano loop played at a higher octave. All of it was recorded by me except for the drum loop. So the song wasn’t very hard to construct, but most of the ambiance is created by stringing effects together and splitting the sounds up into multiple channels that can each be processed differently. This results in me looping portions of the song in headphones for hours on end while I pace around the basement floor (the paint is worn off by my computer), occasionally making changes to various settings. I always have to make sure I do not over-listen to a song during this process, lest I lose all interest in the song and it falls by the wayside.

I realize that some of the chorus at the end sounds fake. It sounds like some alien altos are singing with me. That is intentional.

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