Pesco-Pollo-Tarian / Tantrum City

Sometime in the first half of April, I made the decision to stop eating beef and pork. More generally, I stopped eating mammals. I had been mulling over the idea for a few years ever since the first time I had heard of pesco-pollo vegetarianism from my highschool buddy Josh. Some of the rationale is that it’s a healthier form of vegetarianism, but it still saves mammals, our closest relatives, from being raised purely for slaughter. So far I am enjoying it. It makes me feel like an adult, to be making my own decisions about the food that I eat. It makes me do a little bit of research about basic nutrition in order to find out ways to get the complete proteins I am missing. It only took one small step to start me thinking about the ingredients of everything that I eat, which was nearly unheard of before. That thought process was nonexistent for me.

Pescetarianism is sometimes an intentional stepping-stone to full vegetarianism or veganism, but I do not see myself taking those steps. We shall see. Soy bean and fish are a couple of easy ways to get complete proteins without eating mammals. Beyond that, it gets more complicated. So in response to that, I have been trying to acquire a taste for fish. I just ordered the tilapia and crab at Outback Steakhouse tonight, and it was very good. I got some frozen salmon burgers and breaded flounder today, too. Still waiting to try those out.


It is widely known that babies are extremely needy when they are first born. They have no desires of their own, only needs for survival. In other words, newborns do not want anything that they do not absolutely need. For Stephen, this is changing. He has been able to walk around and cause destruction for a little while now, and his curiosity has been piqued about every little thing.

More recently, however, his attitude has changed. He can finally hold a thought in his head for longer than ten seconds, so he is constantly thinking about what he’d rather be doing–that thing you just prevented him from doing 30 seconds ago. Overnight our house has been converted into tantrum city. With little to no provocation, the child just throws his head straight back into the floor (with a big thud), starts kicking his legs and screaming until his whole head is red. Tonight he even screamed and threw a fit at the restaurant, which he has never ever done in public.

My wife and I just kind of looked at each other and said “Our time has finally come. We knew it couldn’t last forever.” We keep hoping it’s a [short] phase and maybe he’s unhappy about some teeth coming in, but it’s probably a longer phase and due to the fact that our son is no longer an infant. Stephen was a really good newborn and infant because he was good at the things that a lot of babies have trouble with: eating and sleeping. But now we have moved on from those being the main issues. Now our child is old enough and willful enough to act completely bratty–and intentionally so.

The battle of wills has already begun. When I am trying to put him to bed, he goes through a couple of phases to try to get out of it. First, he just tries a brute force escape tactic while he’s drinking his bottle. When that doesn’t work, he turns to flattery. Oh, Dad. You are so funny that I can’t help but laugh every time you look at me. (Try preventing a smile during that: not easy). Then, as he starts to wind down, he starts pulling my fingers off the bottle one at a time, as if he is going to be able to loosen my grip and get the bottle out of his mouth. Eventually I always win. Part of my job is to be stubborn, and I am overqualified in that area.

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  1. Martha

    My sister is a pescetarian. I could see myself becoming one, eventually. For some reason I just can’t make the full leap. I suspect beef jerky and bratwurst has a lot to do with it.

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