Morris Wedding, Stephen Motoring


I have had a very fast introduction to Lightroom 3. Less than two weeks after purchasing/installing it, I got a job to edit ~250 photos from someone’s wedding. That’s why I have been well behind on this blog.

Stephen is moving a mile a minute. I find myself constantly saying things I should never have to say, such as “Stephen, do not lick the bottom of Mommy’s sneaker!” He can do a lot of the standard baby tricks like clap, dance, wave, give five. He’s been able to climb the stairs for almost seven months, but he is just now learning to climb back down. Still no words besides “dada” (and “mama” sometimes on command).

He is quite willful and throws bigger fits every day, but I have adapted by now. When I say he was “good” on a given day, I mean that he only threw maybe… 4 five-minute tantrums that day. Usually over something like me closing the baby gate or getting him off the stairs.

I have a picture of him eating spaghetti, cottage cheese, and toast that I plan to post today.

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