Independence Day 2010

Manassas actually has a pretty decent fireworks display on the 4th of July. We have seen it a couple times before under different circumstances, and we decided to try to take Stephen down there this year. We let him sleep about an hour, woke him up, and headed out to try to make the fireworks at the last second.

We parked in a nearby neighborhood and plunked Stephen in his stroller, walking the rest of the way. We felt like idiots as we walked passed dozens of empty parking spaces at commercial buildings, but our timing was still perfect. We took a left on Center St. and walked a little further. We started to see hordes of people in lawn chairs on either side of the street. We found an open spot in the grass, parked the stroller, and sat down. We also failed to bring blankets or chairs, but Stephen sat on a jacket and we sat in the grass.

Our spot was pretty good once the fireworks started, but not as good as we had previously thought/hoped. The show was going along nicely and it was a nice, large operation, but the fireworks stopped after 5 mins. After about 12 minutes of waiting, we decided to head back to our car with our tired baby. We got about halfway to the car, and at a very fortunate spot, the fireworks started back up after 15 or 16 minutes of downtime. We found a little side street and took turns holding Stephen while we watched the rest of the fireworks. It wasn’t a very bad vantage point, and we were close to our car. We were able to get out of there without any traffic at all (because, let’s face it, we parked too far away).

A great experience. Stephen was not interested in the fireworks, but he was not scared of them either. He just wished he was at home in his crib.

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