Good Weekend

This weekend was more my speed. We took Stephen to the real pool for the first time yesterday. There was no one there despite the weather being perfect for swimming. Stephen can stand in the kiddie pool but struggles to walk. We actually spent most of the time in the regular pool, alternating between holding Stephen and swimming around for pleasure. There was shade from a tree in the late day. It was nice. By the time we got out, Stephen was dunking his face in the pool over and over and loving it. Jaime was standing in three feet of water and he kept holding his breath and bobbing into the water.

Today Stephen’s Grandparents did some babysitting while Jaime and I had a mid-day date. It’s nice to get babysitting in your own home. It simplifies the whole thing. We had a good 4.5 hours out of the house at a movie and lunch at Don Pablo’s. Of course, during all this relaxing (never more than 3.5mi from the house), we failed to go back to the swimming pool today or go grocery shopping. Jaime’s car is getting some body work done this week so I do not have a car. This means I/we have to go grocery shopping tomorrow after Jaime gets home from work. Blech.

In a month, I will be on vacation.

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