“The Race” June 05, 2010

We have been attending Race for the Cure in Washington DC for about five years now (Jaime and her family have a couple more years on me). We were not able to make it last year because we had Stephen, who was still a newborn. This year we resolved to make it downtown with Stephen and participate. Due to a family emergency, Jaime’s parents had to drive to New Hampshire at the last second. We had initially planned to drive down to the METRO with them and all ride together.

Now it was up to us. As usual, we were worried about Stephen experiencing all this new stuff and possibly not getting a nap all morning. The METRO had some of the track on our line shut down for new construction, so we had to drive to a different station that did not have a parking garage. We ended up parking on the street and walking to the station. We got on a train with plenty of time. and even got some seats.

We rode all the way down to our stop and got out and took the escalator up out of the station. Everything went smoothly. As soon as we surfaced, you could hear the announcement for the walkers to start. We walked about three blocks to catch up to the starting line. The sun was out and it was pretty hot.

Me pushing Stephen at the beginning.

About a mile and half into the walk, we stopped to feed Stephen, let him run around, and change his diaper.

This line of people was a mile long at least.

The second leg of the journey got better. Stephen had eaten some food. The clouds came and covered the sun. Also, when you get a good ways through the course, you start to pass all the street performers, bands, and cheer groups to encourage you.

We barely finished in under 2 hours. After you have finished, you proceed to all the sponsor tents and pick up some fruit, granola and water. We all re-energized while Stephen romped around in the grass.

After we had cooled off in the shade, we still had to walk a good ways to the METRO station in the heat of the day. We immediately got on a subway train and headed back to our car.

Overall, everything went extremely well. Stephen was good (though he didn’t nap for the rest of the day and turned into a little monster) and we were able to finish the whole race.

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  1. Martha

    aw! cute pictures of the valentine family! stephen looks adorable in that “save the ta-tas” onesie!

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