Site Modifications, New WordPress, Yard Work

I did a bunch of work on the theme/look of this website yesterday. As soon as I was finished with that, I saw that WordPress had upgraded to version 3.0. So, I upgraded this site, my wife’s site, and the earsauce site. Then I ran a backup on my server. That all took a bit of time. I wish I would have thought ahead and done these mindless upgrades during game 7 of the NBA Finals last night. I made some changes to this site that are quite noticeable. I think the new darker matting for the photos really helps, especially with black&white images. I think I enhanced readability and simplicity of the site by moving the author/tag information to the top of every post and getting rid of some unnecessary horizontal rules. I really need a banner across the top to finish it off.

We bought a wooden planter and put in a few sun-hardy flowers on our front steps. The bushes/ivy out front need to be trimmed, and I am hoping to do that this evening when it’s nice and cool.

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