Race for the Cure

The Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure is tomorrow in downtown DC. This will either be my fourth or fifth time walking the 5k (we couldn’t go last year because Stephen was 2weeks old). This is our first year going with Stephen, and we are on our own. Our six-person group is just three this year, and one of them is a baby. To make matters worse, we can not take the METRO line that comes out our direction, because several stations/stops are under maintenance. So, I think our plan is to sleep at S&S’ house (an empty house, because they are out of town due to a family emergency) and then travel via their METRO line. That way, we can leave the dogs at S&S’ house and we don’t have to make any transfers on the METRO.

This hopefully ends our streak of extremely busy weekends. With graduations and visits and birthdays and flights, May was completely slammed. I’m pretty sick of it. I don’t want to dread the weekend any more.

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