Just Over a Year

Stephen is now officially off of formula. He drinks around 25oz of milk per day (half soy / half whole) and 15oz of juice. He eats three solid meals a day and all of his snacks are solid food (cheerios, nutri-grain bars, cookies, other finger foods). He can eat pretty much anything that we are eating and enjoys taking bites. Yesterday I gave him two small pieces of my grilled cheese sandwich. Took him a bit, but he ate it. Wheat bread, crust and all.

His ability to cause trouble has increased quite a bit. When he began to walk around, he was still okay, but now his curiosity has increased and he gets into everything (and I mean everything). We are also experiencing our first tantrums these days. The sort of thing where…. he wants something, we don’t let him have/do it, and he gets very angry. He tries to escape from his high chair and needs to be restrained with the shoulder straps on the the chair.

He is also shifting towards one nap per day. I shoot for a nap from 10am-1pm and don’t waste any time trying to get him to nap in the afternoon. That still puts him at 14hrs of sleep every day. I can not remember the last time either of us had to get up at night. It’s been months since we heard even the slightest peep from Stephen before 6am.

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