What a Weekend! Holy Mackerel!

So, on Friday afternoon I flew to the St. Louis airport. My dad picked me up, which was a bit confusing since neither of us know our way around that airport. Then we went straight to Denny’s and picked up four meals. On the way to my brother’s (Robert) house, we stopped at my grandparents’ hotel room and all ate some Denny’s in the hotel. That was a good (although brief) visit before my father drove me to my brother’s house.

My brother has had a condo in Edwardsville, IL for two years and I had not yet seen it. It’s almost precisely the same setup/floorplan as my condo, but slightly smaller. We hung out and waited for Robert to get back from Beauty and the Beast. He assembled and conducted an orchestra for a week-long community theater presentation of Beauty and the Beast (the musical). He got back about 10:45pm and we all hung out until midnight. Then my parents went upstairs to go to bed, Robert set up an air mattress and my brothers and I attempted to sleep in the living room (on couches and air mattresses). We talked for almost two hours and I had much difficulty sleeping after that. I got 3-4 hours of sleep.

The next day was Robert’s graduation. First he had to conduct the afternoon show of Beauty and the Beast, so he left before us. My family (immediate family plus grandparents) all went to the graduation and waited. The graduation was… a graduation. Boring, etc. Fortunately Billy and I were able to pass his iPod Touch back and forth and play a turn-based game for a bit. Robert got graduate degrees in both Collaborative Piano and Conducting.

Then we walked across the campus to attend Beauty and the Beast. I had not been to any of the performances, and Robert had arranged for me to sit in the orchestra pit. I had the best seat in the house; it was so fun. The members of his orchestra were all cool and cracking jokes the whole time. Even though the orchestra pit is right in front of the stage, no one in the audience can see the members of the orchestra. Everyone was whispering jokes and making fun of some of the actors. It was a lot of fun. Also, some of the musicians were exceptional. The percussionist has a degree in percussion performance. He was the calmest, most relaxed guy, but he never missed a cue and he juggled about 5 instruments effortlessly. He was quite impressive, along with the flautist and the trumpeter. Then we went out to eat at Applebees until midnight, just the immediate family. I got another pathetic 3 hours of sleep.

Woke up at 6:30am this morning to get to the St. Louis airport, about 36 hours after I landed there. The flight home was awful. There was prolonged turbulence and I got very nauseated. The nausea continued after we landed and Jaime picked me up. Even after a thirty-minute ride home I was feeling horrible. I went into the bathroom and immediately threw up… violently. I even felt bad for a few more hours. I think I am finally starting to come alive, but I need to catch up on some sleep.

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