Pogo is Back

Pogo (otherwise known as “that kid who cuts up scenes from Disney movies and makes songs out of them”) is back, with a real-world mix of 100% original samples. The subject: his mother and her pretty garden.

Official Pogo Channel
Unofficial Pogo Music
(previous songs that have been taken down)

In the words of my friend Adam: “This kid is annoying. Everything he does is perfect.” After seeing all those beautiful camera shots, I agree that this guy has too much talent. Everything he does is so ethereal, atmospheric, and professional. I wonder how he made the video. It looks like some really nice lenses, so it’s probably a digital camera that can shoot video also.

Stephen certainly is mesmerized as soon as the lady comes on screen. This is one video that he watched the whole way through.

Edit: I don’t know why I said that Pogo is “back,” considering he never went anywhere.

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