Well, I inherited Jaime’s old laptop in January. I spent a little over a hundred bucks upgrading/repairing it (keep in mind that I don’t have a job.. so any money that I spend makes me feel a little bit guilty).

Well, last night, after having a laptop of my own for an entire four months, I spilled wine on it. The whole living room was dark except for the glow of the laptop because I was the last one up. I ran to get a paper towel, and I as soon as the paper towel made one swipe across the keyboard, *pop* goes the laptop. Boom. Pow. Bam. Miniature explosion sound and the whole thing went dead. I opened the laptop up all the way to 180 degrees and laid it on the carpet upside down over night. That is probably what I should have done while the computer was still operational.

There is still a tiny bit of hope that it will turn on, but the rational side of me knows that something in the motherboard blew up and the computer is inoperable. For good. I had gotten so used to hanging out in the living room with the laptop. I basically never made trips downstairs except to edit photos.

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