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Computer is completely dead. Just ordered some parts.

Stephen has been doing a lot of “growing up fast” in the past week. Every once in a while, he’ll make an expression that looks adult–something more complicated than sad or happy. Sort of like a “now why’d you do that?” look. He is also treating his toys differently. He used to only chew or destroy his toys. Now he does things like putting bob the builder back in his truck and crawling around with the truck in one hand, rolling it on the carpet. A lot of it is accidental even, but he looks so grown up when he does it.

I have not been encouraging him to walk and he’s kind of in an awkward place right now. He can stand straight up in the middle of the floor without holding on to anything. He can stand there for maybe a minute; he can squat and stand back up again without his butt touching the ground. He rarely has any interest in taking steps, though. He can only take 2-3 steps before falling.

Have a busy week. Went to lunch with Jaime and Brad today, and I am going to Sky Meadows on Thursday with Stephen. And people are coming over Saturday.

I guess earsauce is supposed to start playing at a place Steve found, which is cool. We are slowly working on learning our own songs again and developing stage versions of them (which we have never done). We may even have the “house band” at our disposal, which would be really helpful.

I’m putting Ubuntu to the test on Saturday to see if i can set up a printer/scanner on an Ubuntu machine. I’m actually putting myself to the test, but it will be nice to blame Linux if things don’t go as planned.

Also, been playing a lot of Open LieroX.

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