Recent Days

I am doing endless reconfigures/reformats/repartitionings/reinstalls on my desktop PC. Trying to get my linux and windows installs just right. The curse of being a nerd. I won’t get into the hairy details at this point (hopefully ever), but i’m using virtualbox to sort of emulate a PC within a PC. And on this emulated (guest) PC I installed Windows XP. Hopefully, this means I can run Windows programs from within Linux. This way I can run the Windows programs that I need without rebooting my system.

Other than wasting all my free time with computer nonsense, I have been trying to get back on a roll with this blog. Needless to say, it’s hard to maintain a web page when you don’t have a computer.

I have recently done our grocery shopping at night after Stephen is sleeping. It cuts down on the time Jaime and I can spend together, but it also cuts down on the amount of time I spend at the grocery store. The place is empty at 8:30pm on a week night (of course).

I have also been spending/wasting about 30-60 minutes per day playing liero. I have a permanent server set up called “classic liero” if anyone ever wants to play. I have all the settings and weapons perfectly trimmed to get rid of boring moments and redundant or unfair weapons.

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