Frog Facts

Kermit says “It’s not easy being green.”
Maybe this is what he means.

  • There are almost 5000 known species of frogs. They range in size from less than half an inch to nearly a foot long.
  • Frogs don’t “drink” water–they absorb it through their skin.
  • Every species of frog has its own special mating call, made only by the males. the call has two parts–“a whine,” which the whole species uses, and a “chuck” which is the individual frog’s calling card.
  • The Khorat frog has fang-like protrusions and eats insects and birds with its oversized mouth.
  • The female Gastric-brooding Frog from Australia, now probably extinct, swallows its tadpoles, which then develop in the stomach before she spits them out. To do this, the Gastric-brooding Frog must stop secreting stomach acid and suppress peristalsis.
  • The skin of some poisonous frogs is so toxic that it will kill almost any creature that bites it or absorbs the chemicals secreted by its skin. Only specialized predators can withstand the toxins.
  • The Golden Poison Frog (Columbia) is currently considered the most poisonous vertebrate in the world. The local indigenous people soak their arrows and darts in the poison secreted by this frog and say the poison’s killing effect lasts for over two years.
  • The Cane Toad in Australia secretes a human brain chemical (DMT) that local residents use to get high.
  • The Wood Frog can be found above the arctic circle. It can literally survive being frozen for two weeks at a time.
  • Frogs, a 1972 horror flick starring Ray Milland. “Thousands of frogs overrun a remote, inhabited island off the southern US coast, devouring any human who gets in their way.”
  • I also rather enjoy this oddball documentary: Cane Toads: An Unnatural History

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  1. Martha

    Did you guys ever watch Frogs with us? We bought that movie several years ago. I LOVE Cane Toads and still have the VHS you made for my birthday a while back! (I think Jaime had just moved down to Athens at that time — seems so long ago now!).
    .-= Martha´s last blog ..Young in Dublin – Day 2 =-.

  2. Evan

    no, i’ve never seen frogs. sounds awesome.

    yeah, that was almost seven years ago now.

  3. Martha

    haha, actually, Frogs SUCKED. Not sucked, like a fun cheesy Sci-Fi monster movie, but sucked like an UNWATCHABLE movie.

    ~Martha V.
    .-= Martha´s last blog ..Young in Dublin – Day 2 =-.

  4. Evan

    oh, that’s a shame… thought it sounded bad/fun

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