Crying Torpedo, DOS Games

How many people dispose of batteries in a fire? Does that sound like a good idea to… ANYONE?? Do they need to warn me about it on every single battery, whether it’s a simple disposable AA or a rechargeable laptop battery?

I woke up this morning with a clogged kitchen sink drain. The dishwasher had never drained from its rinse cycle last night, and all the water was just sitting in the bottom of the dishwasher (which connects to the same drain as the kitchen sink). Fortunately I was able to fix it by filling up some large pots with hot water and dumping them all in the sink at the same time with the garbage disposal running. More often than not, that loosens something.

Babies are such drama queens. This kid has a new move that he does when he’s really angry. We call it the “crying torpedo.” He cries, puts his head down on the ground, and crawls full speed ahead without looking where he’s going. Every time he does it, it looks like he’s going to get rug burn on his forehead. He just crawls right into walls, doors, couches–anything that’s in his way because he can’t see where he’s going. So then he’s got a big red spot on his forehead and a bump on the top of his head from running into something. This makes him cry even more.

That is usually triggered by an extremely insignificant issue, like not being allowed to destroy our laptops repeatedly. Or not being allowed to touch the TV remotes. The fact that Stephen prefers a piece of trash over the toys we get him is getting old. It used to be cute that he liked the chapstick better than his toys. It’s morphing into something obnoxious and bratty when he throws a tantrum every time he can’t use the TV remote.

I installed a DOS emulator onto my laptop and downloaded a bunch of old games that my brothers and I grew up playing. Oregon Trail, Commander Keen, Wolfenstein. Lots of old apogee games that used to run well on my 286 don’t work on the emulator, even though something complicated like DOOM works perfectly (with sound, even). We’re taking a vacation with my family in 4 months. If we encounter some rainy weather, we can always ride the Oregon Trail until we all contract diseases and die. We could even play it on the big screen.

Cool Article.

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  1. Jaime

    don’t forget that stephen has his OWN defunct tv remote that looks EXACTLY like the one we actually use, but this is just not good enough!

    i love the oregon trail! try not to get cholera.

  2. steve

    Hahaha. This was great to read.

    You have died of dysentery.

  3. Eric

    “Mein leben!”

  4. Evan

    also been playing a lot of liero… every bit as good as i remember. there are modernized versions of it where you can play each other over the interwebs, too (OpenLieroX — for windows, mac, linux)

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