…And We’re Back

Well, I slapped the new motherboard in my box and my desktop PC booted up. I am a money pit. It was acting a bit strangely, so I backed up My C: and reformatted.

My data is in tact. I can now continue my endless listening of Ben Folds. Every couple of years, I remember how much I like Ben Folds. I love how he’s not afraid to attempt any style. He’s not afraid to put a cheesy french horn part in the chorus for a “musical theater” feel or distort the bass for a “rock” feel. He also, while being a good singer, does everything wrong as a vocalist (meaning he just sings like a normal guy). Bastard, Landed, Jesusland… all off the same album.

Hopefully I can get my stuff organized and start posting photos and videos again soon. Very soon.

Happy birthday, Mom!

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  1. krystle

    that makes me want to listen to some ben folds! i love that particular album.

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