Last week my brother Robert was here. Things were hectic. Steve was here for two days. Robert borrowed my car to practice at the church nearly every day. Saturday, I took him back to the airport. Tonight, my other brother Billy arrives for a week-long visit. They are both coming up here for their spring breaks, which is nice. I’m looking forward to it, although there is always that unseen, unspoken tension that guests/roommates adds to the house, especially with the baby.

The weather has warmed up considerably, but lots of rain has fallen. My sump pump was making a horrible sound last night. Just started shaking and making tons of noise when it was done running every cycle. Because of all the rain we had, there was a cycle every 40 seconds. This thing was loud; I bet the neighbors could hear it. Turns out it was just the check valve, so whenever the pump would stop pumping, water would flow back down through the check valve in spurts, causing the whole thing to vibrate in the wooden frame of the house. Those are the instances where babies really make things harder. My kid had another entire day of acting like a brat (lack of naps due to daylight saving time and bowling), and having a crisis at 5pm only made that worse. The end of the story is that I ran out to Lowe’s and got a pump and some parts, but then I thought that maybe the pump wasn’t bad. I called a plumber and paid $175 for him to put in a check valve, which probably costs $3. And now I have all this stuff to take back to Lowe’s. Awesome. Just great.

While Robert was here, we managed to complete the time-consuming chore of absorbing him onto our wireless “family plan.” This worked out perfectly, because Robert wanted a new phone number anyway. New phones, new contract, unlimited messaging, blah blah. Now we are splitting the cell phone bill three ways instead of two. Nice. Robert gave Stephen his old phone with the SIMM card removed. This is certainly the best gift Stephen has ever received. He already loves our phones, remote controls… anything that Jaime and I grab and push buttons on, really. Now he has a real (though disabled) cell phone that lights up and beeps when you push the buttons. It is pretty hilarious and cute. If I go into the “Tones” section, he can cycle through the ringtones; after he presses about every button on the phone, he will randomly press “down” and go to the next ring. He smiles every time.

Stephen had a couple of “firsts” while Rob was here. He can now drink a bottle while sitting up. He’s been able to hold his own bottle for months, but he had to be lying on his back to drink it. Now he knows to lift the bottle. We can give him a bottle without putting him in his playpen. He can crawl around and drink it as he pleases. Stephen also improved a lot on making a few syllables. da da da, ma ma ma, ba ba ba

We also saw the new Alice in Wonderland on Friday. Not so good. At all.

It’s been very hard to update this blog with everything that’s been going on. I used up all my stores of saved drafts and even uploaded a few sub-standard pictures just so I could maintain making one post per day. Maybe I’ll get back on track now.

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  1. Martha

    Aw, did you know Weezer was on Yo Gabba Gabba the other day? They dressed up as bugs and sang a song about insects. Do you and Stephen ever watch that one?
    .-= Martha´s last blog ..Random Thoughts =-.

  2. Evan

    I’ve seen Yo Gabba Gabba before and it is quite awful. We only watch the awful kids shows on PBS Kids, not Nick.

  3. Eric

    So you watch Dinosaur train?

  4. Jaime

    we HATE that show!

  5. Evan

    yeah, we watch dinosaur train.

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