Like everything else in my life, this blog goes in very severe phases. During the times that I actually want to work on it, I develop a backlog of saved drafts to post on later dates where I may not be so motivated. The last several days have been a pretty good example of that. One of my many Useless Facts post, a little post about what I listen to on satellite radio, blah blah. These were pre-prepared.

We got this kid a music-themed activity table. It stands about 18″ off the ground and has about 25 buttons you can push and get different responses. It has “speaking mode” and “music mode” which has no words. He only likes it if I put Cheerios in the pocket. Then it’s his favorite.

Weekend was great. Concerts were great. Thanks again to Martha and Eric for holding us a table at Leon Redbone. We had good seats. Leon Redbone is a very odd man. Every time I see him in concert, there is more silence between songs, and more weird things like playing the same songs twice. He did two doubles in his set on Friday. Weird.

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  1. Martha

    I definitely fall into “writing ruts” where I just don’t want to write anything. It doesn’t help when WordPress is doing that thing where it won’t publish the entry the first go-round … which is every time for me :)

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