Masta Verbalists (Thuggin’ It 2.0)

A while back, I made a post featuring a track by an artist named Thuggin’ It. Apparently there are very few people who remember Thuggin’ It the way I do (here is one place that talks about it and titles the post “Worst Rap Song EVER!”). Though I didn’t mention it in my post, I knew of another song that the kid had released under a different name, presumably because the material released under his Thuggin’ It moniker was the butt of so many jokes. I searched the internet, I searched my hard drive, and I asked a few friends about it. No one knew what I was talking about (or even believed such a thing existed, quite frankly). I went through my ancient “misc mp3” folder and listened to every song that I didn’t recognize. I couldn’t find the song anywhere. Why would I have deleted such a gem?

I had one last-ditch effort. I contacted my cousin David (with whom I lived for three summers) because I know we definitely used to rock out to both of those songs. He still has his old PII up and running as a toy for his 16month old daughter. He said it was running very slowly, the registry full of junk, and his daughter had all but destroyed the mouse and keyboard, but he would look for it. The next night I received a text message: “Masta Verbalists – Welkome 2 Our World.”

Sometime that weekend he was able to get the file off his old PC and email it to me. I have searched quite a bit for any reference to this song on the internet, and it seems to have vanished from the collective unconscious. So I am proud to say that I have exclusive content of this awful track, released by the Thuggin’ It crew under a different name. His voice is immediately recognizable.

Masta Verbalists – Welkome 2 Our World

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