Evan Valentine – Complete Discography

I mentioned some time ago that a lot of my music is hosted on archive.org, and that I would get to the details later. Well, later is now. Or.. now is later. I’m confused.

Netlabels release material under Creative Commons licenses. This means that the author can determine how his music (or video, or book) is licensed. Typically it is released as “Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative” which means you are free to share the music–spread it far and wide as long as you give the author credit and do not use it for commercial purposes. This means that people can take my songs and burn 100 copies to CD if they like, as long as they do not sell the CDs for profit or use them for commercial gain (use them as the soundtrack to a film, for instance). In the unlikely event that someone ‘stole’ my songs for commercial use, I could sue and it would be upheld in court, even though I have not pursued an actual copyright. Not to mention, I have the source material for all my songs and could prove that I composed them.

I followed the custom of releasing material as albums, though they are not actual albums. I will list them here in chronological order, with a bit of explanation. All the following music is non-dance electronic music. The whole genre is really esoteric and not for everyone. Although I started making music in 1996, all of this “released” material is from 2001 and beyond (there’s good reason for that).

Ekiv EP – several short, intense tracks from my first year living with Jaime in Athens. Most of the percussion sounds on here were sampled by me (smash two things together and call it a snare drum)

Fish Food EP – more laid back, more lush sounds

Safety Glass EP – back to rough, harsh sounds. I think this is my best release

Sinister Device LP – full-length (about 50minute) release that has over 15,000 downloads. “The public’s” favorite release of mine. Lots of help from friends on this one.

Millions Never Tried EP (with e-sin) – cooperative album with a friend of mine. The latest (and most mature) of my releases. I love the first two tracks, along with “Seren.” (The link below plays the songs out of order, so scratch that previous statement)

Plus there are several more songs (of different types) on my personal music page, and several “leaked” tracks on different file-sharing networks.

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