The Storm is Over

I am the biggest idiot on the planet. I took my dogs for a walk.. a regular walk, which is 1.5 or 2 miles. I saw things I may never see again. I trudged through waist-high snow in the middle of the street. I saw piles of snow six feet high or more next to people’s freshly-shoveled driveways. I took my camera, of course. Who wouldn’t want to take an opportunity to document the area’s biggest snowfall on record?

Many streets had not been touched by plows. We were walking along places where tires had crushed the snow, slipping and sliding all the way. Everyone was out taking pictures or shoveling their driveways.

I got back to the house and grabbed the measuring tape. While trying to take a few snapshots of the measuring tape sticking out of the snow, my spirits were crushed. I had the camera on manual focus for the entire walk, and my pictures are most likely completely worthless. I had some good stuff at my fingertips, and I threw it all away by having manual focus turned on. What an ass.

By the way, my measurement was only 23″ which is certainly not any kind of record. It’s only one more inch than we had December 19-20th.

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