Snow and Leashes

What is it about snow that makes people think their dog no longer needs a leash? Not only is it against the law to unleash your dog, but it is just plain stupid. I just took the dogs out while fat flakes fell from the sky. As soon as I got past our patio, I hear “Preencess! Preencess!!!!”

Our hispanic neighbors have a little white dog (possibly a bichon frise?) named Princess. It started charging us while barking, the girl next door growing increasingly nervous. I was thinking, “you should be nervous; Chloe treats about 50% of all dogs like Michael Vick’s dogs.” So I did what I always have to do and lifted both of my dogs off the ground by their leashes until the dad came out and called the dog back. Chloe definitely snipped at Princess. I mean, the dog was charging us while barking. What did she expect?

Now, this dog is usually kept under control and is therefore well-behaved, but the neighbors had the oh-so-common attitude of “It’s snowing! That gives me carte blanche!” What is wrong with people? Leashes only work if we both use them. I had to deal with this same nonsense the other day. A maltese came into the street and was chasing us around. Then the owner doesn’t want to come get their dog because they have to get close to my dog, and they don’t know/trust my dog. It’s just like what do you want me to do? The reason our dogs are so close is because you don’t have your dog on a leash. If I pull my dog away, your dog follows us!

Had to get that off my chest.

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