I couldn’t be more satisfied right now. We’re just preparing to be snowed in, eating frozen “California Pizza Kitchen,” and catching up on recorded shows. I walked the dogs already, and we’re waiting for the heavy snow to kick in.

Jaime stopped at Burger King and the gas station on the way home. She arrived bearing Whoppers, french fries, beer, and cheerios. Stephen just ate his first Cheerios a few hours ago, and he took it like a champ. He had quite a good time, and seems to be mastering the pincer grasp.

The local news makes it seem like there is a madness all around, but I saw other people walking their dogs, nice and calm, enjoying the weather. The grocery store was calm and empty this morning. All is well.

There have supposedly been nearly 600 traffic accidents already today in this area.

We’re going to bathe Stephen and enjoy our night. Cheers.

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