Stephen had a few “firsts” yesterday. He took his first step (from holding onto the dog to holding onto his mom). Jaime doesn’t think it was a step, but he was holding onto the dog, then he let go. He moved one of his feet forward (towards Jaime) and then planted it on the ground. Then he grabbed onto Jaime. I consider that a step. He also had his first (two) french fries.

I hate it when I come up with a new tag for this blog after the fact. A conversation I had with Krystle last night made me think I should have a “firsts” tag where I can track the approximate date of all all Stephen’s firsts. First time sitting up, rolling over.. all that. So now I am searching through 330 posts to find firsts and re-tagging them retroactively. What a pain.

Edit: Okay, searching for things like first, roll, skills, and sitting, I was able to come up with a fair amount of “firsts.” You can follow the the tag here. I was not able to find a real date on when he first sat up on his own, but it seems to be somewhere in the middle of the 4th month.

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