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Saturday was the big Fantasy Football party at S&S’ house. Since Steve won, he put his winnings (came out $175 ahead) towards party snacks and invited all of the losers over to enjoy them during the games Saturday night. We had to leave at 3:30 for that. Jaime went to her Weight Watchers meeting in the morning (she has lost 14.2 pounds in six weeks). Just before she got back, Stephen went down for a nap. I have been a little sick for a few days, so I took a nap in the early afternoon on Saturday. Then we went over there and watched yet another blowout. We really screwed up the dogs’ schedule with that party and Davis crapped in the basement. I guess he liked it, because he peed in the basement this morning. Davis hasn’t made a mess in the house in at least 9 months, but apparently it was just because we were good about keeping to a schedule. Leave the house one time and it has all gone to hell. Honestly, it’s not that big of a deal because he goes on the concrete, but don’t tell Davis that.

Sunday was chore day. Three loads of laundry. Vacuum the main floor. Vacuum the stairs. Watched football. Cleared some stuff off the DVR. The highlight was definitely getting lunch at Don Pablo’s at 11am. Oh yes, and we both took a nap while Stephen napped in the afternoon.

In our kitchen, we have a little fish tank that hangs on the wall. It holds maybe ⅔ of a gallon. This is the only fish tank I’ve ever maintained that I actually like. It’s easy to clean out and it looks cool and post-modern just hanging on the wall. We got it as a wedding present and have had the same fish since then–a blue gourami named Henry. Yesterday when I fed the dogs their dinner at 5pm, I grabbed the fish food to feed Henry, and he was gone. No corpse to flush or anything like that. Just vanished like a fart in the wind. I suppose he jumped out of his tank and fell over five feet to the floor. Maybe one of our animals ate him as he was flopping around, or maybe he flopped his way under the refrigerator and we’ll begin to smell him soon. I really do not understand what happened; it was kind of disturbing to realize the little fish tank was actually empty. The only thing I can think of is this: the wall that the fish tank hangs on is a shared wall with our dining area. Maybe when the vacuum is pushed against that wall he freaks out. Maybe this time he freaked out a little too much and jumped out. That’s the only thing I can think of. He is old and docile; he mostly just lays on the bottom of the tank these days. I really don’t know what happened. It sucks.

Ttyl, Henry

I got a Ukulele for Christmas from one of my cousins. I’ve been playing it a lot, but it’s hard to have any variety. Like the banjo, it seems to be stuck in a certain key signature, with all other keys being difficult to play. I really like it though, and Stephen is quite interested. This little guy is surrounded by music. His first instrument will be a harmonica, then ukulele lessons from his old man.

I know mashups are all the rage for 14 year olds, but I really like this one. I’ve listened to it a lot of times. A YouTube comment sums up my feelings perfectly: I actually like this .. when I know I shouldn’t =|

Stephen’s nose is a little runny and he is whining quite a lot so far today. Hopefully he goes down for naps without any problem.

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  1. Martha V
    Martha V01-23-2010

    I’m sorry Stephen’s been having allergy troubles, and also about Henry going missing :( Seamus just passed away about 20 minutes ago and I’m really sad about it. Thanks for that amazing picture you took of him while you guys took care of him for me.

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