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My toe is on the mend. With quickness. I’d still really like to know what happened. Having never broken a bone or sprained anything, this was easily the worst injury I’ve ever received. I guess I sprained/overextended/pulled a ligament in my big toe. Whatever connects to the top of your toes that allows you to pull them up was bruised and not functioning. I could curl my toe downward, but I could not lift it up. I’m actually surprised how quickly it’s healing. After it happened, I skipped two of the next three dog walks, but I am back on the wagon now. My left leg is sore from walking awkwardly for two whole days.

Speaking of dogs, I came to the conclusion a long time ago that the bad aspects of owning a dog far outweigh the good aspects, especially when you do not have a yard for them to play in. Now that I have a baby, it’s even worse. Add to their arsenal the fact that they wake the baby up from his nap every time a package is left at our door. They can not get past baby gates, so that is another reason to open the gates 85 times per day. Stephen really likes the dogs though. Chloe can not stand to be anywhere near him, but Davis tolerates countless unspeakable acts. Stephen grabs fistfulls of Davis’ loose skin, bites his legs, and crawls right on top of him (the dog is only 25 pounds). Davis takes it all in stride. The staircases in this house are split… six steps, turn around, six more steps. Chloe likes to hang out on the landing between these sets of steps. Well, Stephen can now climb up the stairs. If he gets up to the second step (out of six), Chloe retreats. She really does not want anything to do with Stephen.

There was a good Kurt Warner vs. Joe Montana statistic on ESPN yesterday, but I can’t find it anywhere on the web. It was a list of the top 5 quarterbacks for throwing touchdowns in the playoffs. Joe Montana was number one with 45 touchdowns in 24 games (I think). Kurt Warner was number five with 31 touchdowns in 13 games, meaning he would throw nearly 60 touchdowns in 24 games if he kept up the same pace. Others on the list were Dan Marino and Brett Favre (39 TD’s). Kurt Warner had far fewer games than anyone else on the list. Beyond the numbers, there really is no comparison. Joe Montana won four Superbowls and is the only player to ever receive three Superbowl MVP’s.

I used the rest of the chicken, pico de gallo and chopped pepper mix to make more fajitas last night–only this time, with chicken. I have been doing well at cooking meals this week because Stephen’s nap times have changed. His second nap is from approximately 4:30-6:30 in the evening now, which allows me to walk the dogs and cook dinner right after Jaime gets home. Unfortunately, the new nap times are not working out because he is staying up too late. Last night we were up until 11 o’clock. Not cool. He woke up at 2:40am this morning and did not want to go back to sleep. I did not want to cut into the milk supply, so we hung out in the rocking chair against his will for a while. He didn’t appreciate that, so I laid him back down in his crib and got dressed, preparing to stay up with him and feed him, but by the time I had gotten some clothes on, he was back asleep. He ended up sleeping until 7:15 this morning, when we woke him up. I would rather him get up in the mornings and have the proper amount of nap time than have my mornings free.

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