First Snow

Well, we got our first snow for this Winter (even though Winter doesn’t start until December 21). It was about five inches of disgusting, heavy, wet snow–the kind of stuff Canadians get in late August. I took the dogs for a walk last night. A few times I stepped off the curb into what I thought was going to be snow, but it was just a deep puddle of 33 degree water that instantly soaked through my shoes and socks. What a wonderful feeling when you have been sick for five days. I think my cold is done with, and now I just have a sinus infection (not contagious, but awful). Stephen’s nose has been running on-and-off for days now, and he can barely breathe with a pacifier in his mouth.

I guess I am going to start walking the dogs early in the morning during the week, when Jaime is still here. It is soon going to get prohibitively cold regarding Stephen. Waiting until 9 o’clock has allowed it to warm up most days, but that will stop eventually.

Steve came over yesterday, and after several hours in the basement, we managed to record one single bassline that’s no longer than 90 seconds. My new computer setup adds a lot of buzzing and noise to my recordings. I ordered a audio-to-USB interface cable from Musician’s Friend on Nov. 2, and they pushed back the backorder three times. I canceled the order on Friday and ordered one off ebay. Hopefully this will solve my problems and I can get back to recording on a regular basis.

Still have no functioning kitchen faucet. What a winner I am.

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