Concert Glutton

It appears (though it is not yet official) that I am going to the Birchmere two nights in a row in March of 2010. Thursday March 4th is Gaelic Storm, and Friday March 5th is Leon Redbone. The funny part is that I would like to attend the same venue to see Bobby McFerrin (this video impresses me to no end; his range is incredible) on March 17th, but that would just be too much concert gluttony for one person to handle. I have found a lot of good venues over the years by going to see Leon Redbone. Since I first went to the Birchmere to see him, I have been back three times to see some other shows. The venue is the most important aspect of a concert, because the venue is what determines the mood more than anything. Nothing worse than a bunch of out-of-place headbanging morons, and sit-down shows typically prevent that from happening.

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