We are buried in snow. I just took my final measurement of the night–22½ inches. It is still snowing a little bit, so we will probably get to 23 inches falling in the span of 26 hours. For this area, that might as well be eight feet. We are going to try to get a few pictures of Stephen in the snow tomorrow. It is very hard to even take the dogs out in the current conditions.

Spent a good portion of time upgrading WordPress to version 2.9 today. This doesn’t change my blog to the reader but just how I use it as “Administrator.” There is something that comes with WordPress called Akismet. This little plugin collects data from all the other blogs about which comments are “spam,” and deletes them automatically for you. You have the ability to review them… blogs really get a lot of these things; here is a good example:

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…Followed by some sort of link to a used item for sale. The thing that really makes it funny is that it is linked to a post of mine with no words.

Lots of things are just random encouragement in poor english:

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Then if you click the person’s name it takes you to some whey protein sales site. Broken English is throughout:

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So weird. I also wonder how many of these are related to mechanical turk.

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