Friday night, we went to eat at Chili’s with Martha, Eric, and Brad. Our son started to be a little bit of a pain at the end, but everything turned out all right. When we got back, we all watched some bad youtube videos. I have been needing to replace our kitchen faucet for 2 years, but Eric helped me along by snapping off the faucet handle when he tried to get a glass of water.

Saturday morning, I went to the Grahams’ house to take pictures of their children for a Christmas card. It was a lot of fun and I think I got a few good group shots. His kids were quite entertained by our baby, which made the job a lot easier. Stephen is a good prop.

Then I had to go drop Jaime and Stephen off at the house and pick Scott up at the airport. That went without a hitch, and it was so fast that I didn’t even get charged for parking in the hourly parking lot at Dulles.

Today, Scott and I went and ran errands at four different locations (one was Total Wine and More, so that doesn’t count), and we have all just been watching football all day. Within the past hour, I am getting caught up on laundry, and I cleaned out underneath the sink and started to take the faucet assembly apart. Good, busy weekend. Tomorrow, Scott and I plan to go to the Air and Space museum near Dulles, and maybe do a few abstract paintings. Good visit, good visit.

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