Stuff, Friday Morning

This video that my cousin sent me makes me happy. Hippies and acoustic instruments. Thanks, Mike.

Stephen is a really fun age (5.5 months). Just starting to sit up, just starting to laugh. Well, he’s had a high-pitched squeal for a laugh, but he has done some legitimate, adult-sounding laughs a few times recently. He grabs at my face and gives the biggest smile every time I enter the room.

I have to take the Hyundai in for scheduled maintenance this morning. I should be gone for about 90 minutes. I just know Stephen is going to have a blowout poop while I’m there; he’s due (edit: no poop! success!).

It’s getting more difficult to walk the dogs with Stephen. It’s getting colder, and takes more preparation. Right now I just put some socks on him and put a huge blanket over him in his stroller. He knows enough to not take his hands out of the blanket.

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