I would just like to state, for the record, that Quizno’s is the worst, most overpriced establishment I’ve ever set foot in. We ran out of food (except ramen) before our usual weekly grocery cycle. We took a 50minute walk last night, dropped the dogs off at the house, and continued walking to Quizno’s. Our son was a champ. We ordered 2 “regular” sandwiches. First of all, the sandwich sizes are for idiots. Small, regular, and large? Are you kidding me? Is it honestly too complicated to state the length of the sub? Are people really not able to grasp this concept? We got some chips and one drink. $17.17. Seriously? I thought I was on candid camera. When we walked out of there, Jaime said “we could have gone to Don Pablo’s for three more dollars than that,” and it’s true! We often get a bill that’s less than 20 bucks from Logan’s Roadhouse or Don Pablo’s. Then the Quizno’s employees have the audacity to put a tip jar by the register. The kicker, for me, is that we are looking up pizza prices today, since we are still out of food. We can get two medium pizzas delivered from Pizza Hut for sixteen dollars. Up to three toppings each.

Here’s a great business model: take a Subway sandwich. Age the bread until it’s half stale. Throw the sandwich in a toaster oven and charge 60% more. Oh, also rename the sizes in such a way that no one actually knows what they are getting. It’s brilliant! It’s the Ruth’s Chris Steak House of sandwich shops.

An aside… my blog went down for a few hours today because someone tried to hack my server. The internet sucks sometimes.

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