earsauce – innovation avenue (Passing the Hat)

It’s time for Evan to pass the hat. Steve and I need money to get our album mastered. We get a surprisingly good response to this old album when we give it out, so we thought we’d set up a system for donations. If you click “download” on the link below, it will bring up a Paypal payment screen. If you have a Paypal account, it couldn’t be easier to donate seven dollars. If you do not have a Paypal account, it is still easy to purchase/download the album with a secure credit card payment. We have it set up for a minimum of $7, in case our relatives wanted to give us more as a Christmas present or something. You can stream all the tracks for free below, or visit the actual site on which it is hosted. It is an easy, convenient system. Anyway, throw us a bone! $7 for the album means a) less than 34 cents per track and b) less than ten cents per minute of audio. Also, if you like it, you can click the “share” link below and post a link to it on your Facebook/Twitter/Livejournal/What have you. Thanks in advance.

beyond a broken dream by earsauce

This is a set of self-produced home recordings. All 21 songs run together seamlessly to create the feeling that the listener is hearing a jam session. This album will never be released as-is except through bandcamp.com. Proceeds from downloads of “innovation avenue” will go towards the mastering of our next album, for which we will be seeking representation from record labels.

Released 19 July 2009
All songs composed, arranged, performed, recorded, and produced by Evan Valentine and Steve Bower
Cover art by J. Adam Morris
Hosted by bandcamp.com
©All rights reserved

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