earsauce, A Proper Introduction

earsauce (no majuscules allowed) is a studio music project involving only Steve Bower and myself. We have focused solely on the recording of songs. We make something up, slowly record the parts in my basement (over a period of weeks or months), then forget how to play them. On to the next song. Don’t look back. We have begun well over 50 songs using this method, and finished about 60% of them so far.

There are obvious drawbacks to making music this way. With two albums worth of finished songs, we have no way to play most of the music live. No way to reproduce the layers and parts with just two people on stage. So now we’re going back and making stage versions of the songs (take the ‘album version’ and cut out the guitar/bass/vocals, and leave the rest as a fake backup band). Even still, we have to go back and re-learn most of our own parts.

My plan is to have a mastered album that we can promote sometime in the first half of 2010. That would still mean it took us five years to make one album.

I don’t know how to describe the style of music–not because it is unique, but because it is so varied. Between the two of us, there are many musical influences, and we try to let them all shine through. Some stuff is electronic (my department), some stuff is folksy (both), and some of it has a tinge of rock (Steve). We also split the duties pretty evenly:

    Songwriting – both
    Lyrics – both
    Guitar – both
    Vocals – both
    Bass – Steve
    Hand Drums – Steve
    Harmonica – Evan
    Piano – both (but mostly Evan)
    Banjo – both
    Violin – Steve
    Synthesizers – Evan
    Recording Engineer – both
    Production (beats, levels, etc) – Evan

At times we’re really interested in recording new stuff, and at times we’re not. That’s the beauty of the arrangement. We’re not ‘on the clock’ paying for studio time. No schedules. Nothing is forced. That’s the way it should be. Hopefully the relaxed attitude comes through in the music, because that’s what I like.

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