Doin’ Work

What a productive weekend..

  • Five loads of laundry
  • Oil changed and tires rotated on the Hyundai
  • Trimmed the ivy and the bushes out front
  • Bathed both dogs
  • Recorded some earsauce
  • Visited with family
  • Took the dogs for a “super long” walk (almost an hour) each morning
  • Took good pictures and videos of Stephen (soon to come)
  • Fantasy football team actually scored more than 100 points. For us that’s like 1000
  • Yelled at the TV during Breeders’ Cup

Okay, it’s obvious that I am running out of bullet points. Just have to vacuum the main floor today and get groceries, and we will be all set. Jaime has three meetings this week. Going to be a long one for both of us.

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